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Welcome to Five Star House Cleanouts

Are you looking for a reliable Property Preservation Company to rehabilitate a damaged, abandoned, or foreclosed property and restore it to marketable condition?

We understand that you need your recent forclosure restored to resellable condition as quickly as possible! Our professional services are readily available 24 hours per day for banks, landlords, and real estate agency’s.

Since we’re usually first to see the true condition of  a property after the occupants are gone, on our initial visit we will typically photograph and document any damages, hazards and dangerous conditions.


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Some of our property preservation services are:

  • Securing the Property – Through our experience we’ve found that vacant property’s can be a target for vandalism. One of the first things we do to preserve our clients property’s is secure it from unauthorized entry. We can change the door locks according to the clients orders or according to safety regulations. Securing the property also includes changing any padlocks, lock boxes, and board ups to secure the outside of the house.

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  • Cleaning the Property – We thoroughly clean the property, and remove any items abandoned or left behind. In our experience some of the trash we find present in foreclosed homes are dead animals, plants, personal items, debris, and even hazardous materials.
  • Winterization – This basically involves modifying the house to prepare it for the winter weather. We take necessary action to keep pipes dry from water to prevent freezing. Thus pipes are thoroughly drained and sealed to avoid damage.
  • Lawn Maintenance – Lawns are maintained according to the expectations established by our clients. Usually, lawn services are done once or twice a month to ensure that the property lawn looks attractive.
  • Janitorial Cleaning – The property usually will also require janitorial cleaning. All areas are carefully cleaned, sanitized, scrubbed, vacuumed, or mopped according to the type of area being cleaned.

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Since our clients are not typically in the property management business, Five Star House Cleanouts, would usually be contracted with a work order through their property preservation department. Our primary purpose is to maintain, and keep up the appearance of the property while the house is on the market to be sold.

Five Star House Cleanouts helps maintain foreclosed homes on behalf of lenders, landlords, and real estate agency’s so the property doesn’t fall into disrepair or become an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism to our clients. We believe open communication is not only essential to do our job right, but the key to exceeding ALL expectations of our clients.

“Our GUARANTEE is that we WILL restore & preserve each clients property(s) in a timely manner, with attention to the finest details, building long-term relationships on our emphasis for PERFECTION!”

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